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Already labeled "The forefathers of Icelandic Black Metal", the youngsters of SVARTIDAUDI have not only become an underground sensation, they're selling out records and gigs all over Europe, adding to that America where sales are sky rocketing and gig offers are pouring in.

The highly acclaimed debut album "Flesh Cathedral" is by many considered a game changer for the Icelandic scene, a scene under everybody's monokkel these days. Their sound can be heard in many of the other bands breaking out from that little ash pile, but none makes intricate Black Metal like SVARTIDAUDI, and when I say "none" I literally mean that as they have something very unique to offer, something wild and untamed, mystical and violent.

As for live goes, they absolutely crush every single time, tight as can be, animalistic, barbed and vicious, making the audience both wanna leave in fright and stay in grotesque bliss.