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KRAKOW was formed in Bergen, Norway in the fall of of 2005, and today's  lineup consists of highly skilled and experienced musicians with Kjartan Grønhaug on guitars, René Misje on guitars and vocals, Frode Kilvik (AETERNUS) on vocals and bass and Ask Ty Arctander (KAMPFAR) on drums and vocals.
With the release of their 2nd album, "diin", the Bergen based post metal-band KRAKOW received much praise and recognition for their special take on the genre and “diin” was voted the 3rd best metal album by Metal Hammer Norway in 2012. On their 3rd album, "amaran", the band has developed their style even further, and has made an unique and atmospheric record that will definitely stand out.
On “amaran”, the band explores both the calmer side of their sound as well as the more experimental and drone aspects. This makes "amaran" a highly variated album, filled with both dreamy soundscapes and sinister and harsh atmospheres. With the addition of drummer and vocalist Ask Ty Arctander (Kampfar), the band also has another strong musician in the line-up that has helped to broaden their sound.